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 Do you even Fashion?

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PostSubject: Do you even Fashion?   Mon 5 Feb - 0:51

The day was busy as ever as customers came and go from First Trend. It was one of the most popular stores in the city. There were many customers that rave over the cute clothes and the owner, Ruth, wonderful fashion sense. Though she was good at fashion, she had a temper when it came with people who did not know how to dress. It was always her worker Rahli that had to step in and deal with the customers. Today was one of those days though, she feels like snapping at the girl who walked in with a ridiculous outfit.

"Bloody hell, what are...mphhmm."

Her mouth was covered from Rahli who politely stepped in from of her. Her push her away from the customer.

"I will take it from here."

She rolls her eyes at him and rushes to the back room to recount the stock instead. When she was out of earshot, she begins to talk to herself about the customers.

"Who wears puke green."

She scuffed as she goes through all her recently bought clothes.
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Do you even Fashion?
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