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 Ruthless, Ruth

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Date d'inscription : 2018-01-26

Character sheet

PostSubject: Ruthless, Ruth   Mon 5 Feb - 1:03

Name: Ruth
Age: 24
Occupation: First Trend Owner

Personality: Ruth is ruthless when it comes to people with a horrible fashion sense. She is an early bird and always like to keep her stock full of cute items. She hates people late for things, and her temper gets the best of her sometimes. She is a little bit tsundere when it comes to people she cares for.

Physical Looks: She has two-tone hair with dark pink on the top and lighter pink on the bottom. Her hair is wavy and has bangs that frame the side of her face. She has a kind looking face with bright grey eyes that are a frame with black lush eyelashes. She always wears simple looking makeup that does not take away from her natural beauty. She is always spotted with a feminine, Girly and lolita style most of the time. She will dabble in other fashion from time to time.
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Ruthless, Ruth
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